About us

Our mission at Spekboom is to reveal the heart of Africa to the world. Discover unique stays, from boutique hotels to safari camps, while supporting sustainable practices that empower communities and protect the environment. Explore Africa authentically and make every journey meaningful.

Behind the name


Behind the name

Spekboom leverages the extraordinary carbon sequestration capabilities of the Spekboom tree, serving as both a symbol and cornerstone for a pioneering sustainable travel and accommodation network

  • Discover Africa

    Discover Africa

    At Spekboom, every journey reveals hidden treasures, from vibrant cities to remote landscapes. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, stunning wildlife, and unforgettable experiences, all while supporting sustainable tourism and local communities

  • Giving back

    Giving back

    We give back with every trip, ensuring more tourism dollars stay in Africa, supporting communities that rely on tourism

  • Unique Stays

    Unique Stays

    Discover handpicked establishments across Africa, from hidden city gardens to breathtaking landscapes, showcasing the continent's unique charm and beauty